Sunday, October 16, 2011


I made three friends and I think they will last forever. Ever since I was born, 16 years and a couple months, I have never found a friend that would last forever, except for my family. I used to think that keeping a friend forever even if you move is impossible, but now, I think differently. They don't care how I act, they like my bad qualities, and love my good ones. I am pretty sure 2 of my new friends will become famous one day...One already almost is! He is a pro at free styling, and beat boxing, and just at making people smile:) I see him practically every friday now, and what keeps me going through the week is my fridays, but he doesn't even know it. He doesn't know how much he can effect someone, or maybe he does, but just doesn't show it. I met him a few weeks ago, and he already knows me and calls me his superfan, but maybe he gets that it's not just because I like his music, but because he can turn sorrow into happiness, and tears into joy. The other one that could get famous is a guy too. I met him about the same time as the first one, but never actually talked to him. All I did was ask if he could take my picture with the almost famous one :p Just this friday did I start hanging with him, and he already shows that he isn't like the others. He's gone through lots of stuff, so maybe that's why he isn't like the rest. I just hope nothing happens to him, and I hope he's strong enough to keep on going. Lastly, I've known her for a couple months now, and she is really amazing. Every time I hang out with her, something great happens. Well, it's either great, or just exciting. One time, some driver ran into my moms car, and made a dent. there was the paint of the ladies car on my moms, but the driver kept on saying she didn't do it. I wanted to smack that lady. My mom was in the car, the car was parked, and me i was waiting for her to give me money. My mom couldn't even get out of the car because it was stuck. But yes, that was exciting, but not great. I felt bad, but we had to leave my mom and go to school. So yes, I think that these people will always be in my hearts, even though I just met them. I love the effect of meeting someone who is actually real, and nice. Don't you?

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